Gabs Beach Shoot-9
Simone & Arno (13)

Mini Photoshoot


25-40 minute photo-shoot

Approximately 20 professional photos

Family Photoshoot


3-6 family members shoot

Approximately 45-60 professional photos

Full Photoshoot



60 minute shoot

Approximately 35 professional photos

Black Photoshoot


30 minute shoot

Approximately 10 professionally edited phots

What am I paying for?


A question often thought but never really answered.

When you ask a photographer to take a photoshoot for you, there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • A photographer spends thousands on equipment: camera, lenses, lighting, laptop, editing software.
  • A photographer consults and drives to the venue, this requires fuel and time.
  • Scouts the venue for best areas dependent on lighting and time of day.
  • Time is spent during the photoshoot.

Once the session is done the photographer spends approximately 20 minutes of time editing per photo (this is where we invest most of our time!)